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Saving Facebook Album Photos – PhotoGetter

As anyone saving and grabbing photos from their friend’s facebook photo album or from their favourite fans page photo album is really a tiring repetitive job when Facebook does not put a “Download Album” link for users to download. The way to do it is to download the individual photos within the album, one by one. In fact, I faced this problem, I was getting lazy after going through the download process for a few photos within an album. And what if there are a whole lot of photos inside the album, perhaps 100 or more? Pretty tiring isn’t it?

Hence, I have created a project with php and facebook FQL, this is an extremely basic application completed within a short time frame (within a few hours due to some researching and testing). Basically what this application will do is that you copy the album url and paste it into the textfield and off you go. The application will go and grab the photos and zip them up nicely in a downloadable zip file for you.

What is used in the building of this application? HTML, PHP, FQL, Facebook Developers.

Here are some screenshots of the application:

Step 1: Found an Album to Download, copy the Album URL. E.g. the one on the left with 193 photos.

Step 2: Paste the URL into the textbox. Click Start and wait.

Step 3: Show progress and upon completion a zip file to download.