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While working on a project, I was trying to find out the possibility of adding multiple yields to a layout, e.g. if I have a javascript that I would like to run in a page, but not the others, so as to save some resources, this could be easily done with having multiple yields on […]
The basic PHP requirement for setting up Laravel4 >= php version 5.4, however currently the default installed php for Site5 shared hosting is PHP 5.3. Fortunately, they provided PHP version 5.2, 5.3, 5.4.¬†Although Site5 offers the option to setup laravel from within Cpanel, the result will be that the full app installation would be done […]
After using CodeIgniter for some time, I realized the simplicity and the ease of deployment, very much pretty straightforward. The userguide itself is very much detailed and provides a great deal of examples for anyone who tries to learn the ropes of CI. Probably getting too used to coding with raw PHP and CI, in […]
I am a visual learner as always, but it is tough to look for Yii video tutorials aside from those officially provided on the Yii Framework site. I tried to flip through the blog pdf tutorial, but wasn’t getting anywhere. I might try out the Yii ebooks later on. Finally getting into Yii Framework, as […]
Testing is boring. But it is also the main part for any application to run successfully. I have never really tried creating unit test classes aside from manual testing, but today I shall try out SimpleTest. Why I choose SimpleTest instead of PHPUnit? It might not be true for others. Basically IMO, I just felt […]
I am using 32bit Ubuntu 10.10 for this, will be installing Apache, PHP and MongoDB, as well as the MongoDB driver for PHP. Please note that the 32-bit version of MongoDB has a database size limit of 2 gigabytes. If you expect to store more than 2 gigabytes of data, ensure that you have deployed […]
Finally got a chance to revisit CakePHP, and they are ready for their latest stable version of 1.3.4 stable. Check out the breakdown comparison between these two frameworks: http://kodegeek.wordpress.com/2010/03/12/cakephp-vs-codeigniter/ I am trying to test Cake’s viability and ease of use against my need for a project, which I have been juggling between CakePHP and Codeigniter. […]
In order to start running MongoDB with PHP, there is a need to install MongoDB PECL Module. Ensure that you have your MongoDB setup and installed correctly. If not, proceed to MongoDB Installation on OS X to start installing first. Download the MongoDB driver for OS X from the github. Unzip and Extract the mongo.so […]
Happened to stumble upon this avatar customization tutorial, looks pretty neat and easy to layer images and create avatars. I have yet to play with PHP image manipulation. Tested with the generation of avatar: Wonder if it will work with .gif file instead of .png? Reference: avatar customization tutorial