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This is merely a quick note for setting up an apache Web Server with PHP5. With you clean installation of Ubuntu, you do the following: After which finishing your installation, you may proceed to check out the test page on your web browser.
You can use pseudo class in CSS3 such as: E.g. 1- Using nth-child Main.css Basically this is saying, make every odd child will get the style of green, and every other even child will get the color of red. Screenshot for E.g. 1 E.g. 2 – Using Negation Pseudo Class Main.css Basically what this is […]
Using Attribue Selector, you can set the styling based on the attributes. E.g. 1 – Using Attribute Selector Main.css Screenshot of E.g. 1: E.g. 2 – Using Regex in CSS Main.css Screenshot of E.g. 2: p[name^=”child”] {color:blue;} Screenshot of E.g. 2: p[name$=”child”] {color:blue;} Screenshot of E.g. 2: p[name*=”child”] {color:blue;}
It came to a point that I no longer can tolerate the calling of /Application/MAMP/bin/php5.2/bin/pear to just run my pear command. Here is a quick tip to just set up your pear command, is to put it within your bash_profile, and the steps: Check the bin_dir: Vi ~/.bash_profile and include the bin_dir (basically this is […]
Here’s a learning checklist when you try to learn a new programming language or learning how to make use of a new framework to work with. Marc Gear states some of the exercises that we should put our hands dirty at: http://onekay.com/blog/archives/35 In summary: Hello World Calculator Guestbook Parse and Paginate
I really have an annoying question that I stumbled a few days back, basically I am trying to learn more about engaging a bridge with OAuth and some of the service providers like flickr, twitter, facebook etc. But I was caught with a problem, which goes like this: If I were to create an application […]
Hip Hop Hip Hop is for converting php codes into binary, but it isn’t technically a compiler itself. Rather it is a source code transformer. HipHop programmatically transforms your PHP source code into highly optimized C++ and then uses g++ to compile it. HipHop for PHP: Move Fast Hip Hop Source and Wiki Beanstalkd Beanstalkd […]
This video provides a general guideline for using mainly Article, Section and Aside Tags. A recap about what is mentioned in the video: Article – A self contained piece of content. It may qualify to be an article tag, if you can pull out a piece of content and put it to somewhere else? Things […]