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Tried an installation of NodeJS onto a parallels vm running Ubuntu, following this tutorial. However there is a need to change the network on parallels to a bridged networking connection before I could access the server from my mac, and tested out the simple server example from Nodejs. Note: You may change the port to […]
Testing is boring. But it is also the main part for any application to run successfully. I have never really tried creating unit test classes aside from manual testing, but today I shall try out SimpleTest. Why I choose SimpleTest instead of PHPUnit? It might not be true for others. Basically IMO, I just felt […]
I suppose most of the time, my most accessed directory would be /var/www/html. Aside from that, the rest of the directories seem to be so foreign to me. So, I suppose it’s time to take a drill down into these directories. There is a reason that they are there. /home = A place where I […]