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Ubuntu package comes with a PhantomJS 1.4, but I wanted the 1.7 version. After a few attempts, I managed to setup PhantomJS 1.7 on my Ubuntu VM. Steps as per below: Reference: http://devblog.hedtek.com/2012/04/phantomjs-on-ubuntu.html http://ericterpstra.com/2012/10/install-yeoman-and-all-its-dependencies-in-ubuntu-linux/
I am working on some researches for web scraping aside from Python, and Node.js seems to be one of the other alternatives. I managed to provision a virtual machine with Node.js, and starting with some catchups on the topic. The following are some of the stuff that I had read or currently reading on Node.js. […]
Tried an installation of NodeJS onto a parallels vm running Ubuntu, following this tutorial. However there is a need to change the network on parallels to a bridged networking connection before I could access the server from my mac, and tested out the simple server example from Nodejs. Note: You may change the port to […]
Have you tried to post form with jquery using the $.ajax method? You would try to either use $.ajax or $.post, something like this: However if you have a form with multiple of form fields, the dataString will be pretty long. This will be how you can reuse your form
We no longer need to use an image, tying up with some CSS and and putting it as a background for a gradient. Ouch that’s pretty awful. So, in order to get this working, you will need: For Linear Gradient – createLinearGradient, addColorStop, fillStyle, fillRect For Radial Gradient – createRadialGradient, addColorStop, fillStyle, fillRect For the […]
Yes, draw text with HTML5 Canvas. It draws the text based on the font and churn a png image, to be displayed on your browser. We will be using: font, fillText, textBaseline, textAlign Output of the code: Reference: http://diveintohtml5.org/canvas.html
The code is pretty similar to the previous HTML5 Canvas – How to draw a Rectangle?, but the part on the drawing is different. Instead of using fillStyle and fillRect to create the rectangle, we will use beginPath, closePath, moveTo, lineTo functions. Output of the code: Reference: http://diveintohtml5.org/canvas.html
This is a simple example of drawing rectangles using HTML5 Canvas and Javascript. A simple explanation walk through of the example: Start off with html5 doctype head – Set a relevant title body – Create a canvas (note the id). Write the JS – identify the canvas to utilize with getElementById State that we are […]
I know this is kind of an old video dated back to the codebits talk in 09, but it still serves it points in delivering the information that I need for my learning in HTML5 Javascript APIs. In the whole 47mins talk, Remy Sharp covers the video element, canvas, web storage, and other techniques.