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We no longer need to use an image, tying up with some CSS and and putting it as a background for a gradient. Ouch that’s pretty awful. So, in order to get this working, you will need: For Linear Gradient – createLinearGradient, addColorStop, fillStyle, fillRect For Radial Gradient – createRadialGradient, addColorStop, fillStyle, fillRect For the […]
Yes, draw text with HTML5 Canvas. It draws the text based on the font and churn a png image, to be displayed on your browser. We will be using: font, fillText, textBaseline, textAlign Output of the code: Reference: http://diveintohtml5.org/canvas.html
The code is pretty similar to the previous HTML5 Canvas – How to draw a Rectangle?, but the part on the drawing is different. Instead of using fillStyle and fillRect to create the rectangle, we will use beginPath, closePath, moveTo, lineTo functions. Output of the code: Reference: http://diveintohtml5.org/canvas.html
This is a simple example of drawing rectangles using HTML5 Canvas and Javascript. A simple explanation walk through of the example: Start off with html5 doctype head – Set a relevant title body – Create a canvas (note the id). Write the JS – identify the canvas to utilize with getElementById State that we are […]
I know this is kind of an old video dated back to the codebits talk in 09, but it still serves it points in delivering the information that I need for my learning in HTML5 Javascript APIs. In the whole 47mins talk, Remy Sharp covers the video element, canvas, web storage, and other techniques.
This video provides a general guideline for using mainly Article, Section and Aside Tags. A recap about what is mentioned in the video: Article – A self contained piece of content. It may qualify to be an article tag, if you can pull out a piece of content and put it to somewhere else? Things […]