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While working on a project, I was trying to find out the possibility of adding multiple yields to a layout, e.g. if I have a javascript that I would like to run in a page, but not the others, so as to save some resources, this could be easily done with having multiple yields on […]
The basic PHP requirement for setting up Laravel4 >= php version 5.4, however currently the default installed php for Site5 shared hosting is PHP 5.3. Fortunately, they provided PHP version 5.2, 5.3, 5.4.¬†Although Site5 offers the option to setup laravel from within Cpanel, the result will be that the full app installation would be done […]
Moments earlier, I have been wondering why isn’t there something like iOS UI for web? You mainly just need to focus on your functionality development than designing the UI components, and if you need more lavish designs than the default, you could just customize your code to attain your goals. But I just need something […]
After using CodeIgniter for some time, I realized the simplicity and the ease of deployment, very much pretty straightforward. The userguide itself is very much detailed and provides a great deal of examples for anyone who tries to learn the ropes of CI. Probably getting too used to coding with raw PHP and CI, in […]
I am a visual learner as always, but it is tough to look for Yii video tutorials aside from those officially provided on the Yii Framework site. I tried to flip through the blog pdf tutorial, but wasn’t getting anywhere. I might try out the Yii ebooks later on. Finally getting into Yii Framework, as […]