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One of the frequent issues with textarea is the annoying resize handler that will appear in most browsers such as firefox and chrome, and in order to prevent your users from resizing the textarea, you can disable the resize handler with CSS. Here is how you can do it:
You can use pseudo class in CSS3 such as: E.g. 1- Using nth-child Main.css Basically this is saying, make every odd child will get the style of green, and every other even child will get the color of red. Screenshot for E.g. 1 E.g. 2 – Using Negation Pseudo Class Main.css Basically what this is […]
Using Attribue Selector, you can set the styling based on the attributes. E.g. 1 – Using Attribute Selector Main.css Screenshot of E.g. 1: E.g. 2 – Using Regex in CSS Main.css Screenshot of E.g. 2: p[name^=”child”] {color:blue;} Screenshot of E.g. 2: p[name$=”child”] {color:blue;} Screenshot of E.g. 2: p[name*=”child”] {color:blue;}