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The LogBook

The main purpose for having this website/blog (or whatever you would call this), but to me this is my logbook, which shall log my journey of learning, experiencing and tempting with stuff, thoughts or rants. I usually can’t remember what have I done, or where did I save my bookmarks and references. So, this logbook shall come to my aid for someone having 3 laptops and a pc, unless one of these days, I have clean forgotten about its existence too.

The Person Behind the LogBook

Actually, I am bad at writing About page or giving an introduction about myself. And, to add to the fact, maybe I might not even revisit this page after it has been written. But I guess it could serve as a great script whenever I need to do an introduction.

I am web developer, who greatly enjoy web development using PHP, MYSQL and AJAX. Most of my projects are done with these, though equipped with the knowledge in areas like Python, Java, JSP, C#, Visual Basic, Flash, Flex, Oracle PL/SQL. Backed by a business and financial background,  the acquired knowledge aids in analyzing not just the technical end of a project, but also the market value of a project.

So you are a web designer?

No. In fact, I dislike being called a web designer, simply it reminds me that I do not have the talent in art. Sadly, a lot of people mistaken for the fact that a web developer designs a website, makes a creative template. There is actually a great segregation between the two different job scopes. No we don’t do design, unless the developer is a designer too. But for my case, I am in no way a web designer.

If you really do have to use the word the “design”, then put it this way, a web developer designs the functionality of a website, and less of the graphical creatives. Whereas for web designer, they will usually work on the frontend creative graphics.

In my opinion:

A web designer handles the Art of a website, while a web developer handles the Science of a website.

What Platform/OS do you use or work on?

I used Windows, Linux, and now Mac. Windows usually used for my entertainment, Linux for running my servers, and Mac for my development.

What do you use for development work?

It depends greatly on what am I working on, and what language do I use. Most of the time, for HTML and PHP development, it could range from vi, notepad, coda, textmate, netbeans and dreamweaver. However though, productivity level might differ. Now, I fell in love with Sublime Text 2.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Frankly, I think this kind of question makes not much sense as I do not even know if I would still be around to breathe for the next moment.

But anyway, if I really need to provide an answer to this, my answer would be very much like most developers: to create successful products and consistently improvised on them whenever possible. As much importance as traffic is the bloodstream of every income generating sites, projects would be a baby to developers. We create it, grow it, groom it, introduce it and we are definitely proud of it!

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