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You can use pseudo class in CSS3 such as: E.g. 1- Using nth-child Main.css Basically this is saying, make every odd child will get the style of green, and every other even child will get the color of red. Screenshot for E.g. 1 E.g. 2 – Using Negation Pseudo Class Main.css Basically what this is […]
Using Attribue Selector, you can set the styling based on the attributes. E.g. 1 – Using Attribute Selector Main.css Screenshot of E.g. 1: E.g. 2 – Using Regex in CSS Main.css Screenshot of E.g. 2: p[name^=”child”] {color:blue;} Screenshot of E.g. 2: p[name$=”child”] {color:blue;} Screenshot of E.g. 2: p[name*=”child”] {color:blue;}
As anyone saving and grabbing photos from their friend’s facebook photo album or from their favourite fans page photo album is really a tiring repetitive job when Facebook does not put a “Download Album” link for users to download. The way to do it is to download the individual photos within the album, one by […]