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I think the Yii screencasts that they have on the Yii Framework site is pretty simplistic and easy to understand. However this is just the tip of an iceberg what this beast can do, there is more to it. Hence supposedly it will be more fun to start exploration some possibilities and functions that Yii […]
I am a visual learner as always, but it is tough to look for Yii video tutorials aside from those officially provided on the Yii Framework site. I tried to flip through the blog pdf tutorial, but wasn’t getting anywhere. I might try out the Yii ebooks later on. Finally getting into Yii Framework, as […]
Here’s a learning checklist when you try to learn a new programming language or learning how to make use of a new framework to work with. Marc Gear states some of the exercises that we should put our hands dirty at: http://onekay.com/blog/archives/35 In summary: Hello World Calculator Guestbook Parse and Paginate