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Have always been using RDBMS, especially MySQL, something that comes along with most standard LAMP hosting. RDBMS focus a lot on relational joins, rows and tables; NoSQL is dynamic schema, works around with collections and documents and key/value pair. Check out BJ Clark’s post regarding a quick comparison for the various NoSQL. And a couple […]
Lately I have been pretty interested in trying out MongoDB. But I believe a GUI tool not only looks appealing, but also tend to cater for faster development and production. Here are some neat and nice tools for MongoDB management: Myngo Mongo3 futon4Mongo phpMoAdmin Opricot MongoHub (for Mac) RockMongo MongoVue Reference: http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/Admin+UIs http://nosql.mypopescu.com/post/334469038/a-couple-of-nice-gui-tools-for-mongodb http://blog.timgourley.com/post/453680012/tuesday-night-tech-mongodb-ui-edition
In order to start running MongoDB with PHP, there is a need to install MongoDB PECL Module. Ensure that you have your MongoDB setup and installed correctly. If not, proceed to MongoDB Installation on OS X to start installing first. Download the MongoDB driver for OS X from the github. Unzip and Extract the mongo.so […]
Written in C++, MongoDB (from “humongous”) is a scalable, high-performance, open source, document-oriented database. Here is how to setup my MongoDB on my MBP for staging a local development. I downloaded the latest 1.6.3 version. Downloaded a copy of MongoDB for Mac OS X 64 bit. Either from their website or using curl. Note:  32bit […]
No need to get your hands dirty with the MongoDB Installation, when especially with a share hosting service for your website which made installation of MongoDB almost impossible (unless they offer it on the hosting). Free database for up to 16MB, the least pricing is $5/mth. The cloud hosted MongoDB: https://mongohq.com/home
Have successfully installed Mongodb with reference to: Linode Mongodb for Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic – http://library.linode.com/databases/mongodb/ubuntu-9.10-karmic Quickstart with Mongodb – http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/Quickstart+Unix
Happened to stumble upon this avatar customization tutorial, looks pretty neat and easy to layer images and create avatars. I have yet to play with PHP image manipulation. Tested with the generation of avatar: Wonder if it will work with .gif file instead of .png? Reference: avatar customization tutorial
These 2 codes will generate identical results:
BasicLayout Allows absolute positioning Note the specific x and y positions of each element HorizontalLayout Arranges children in a row Each child is positioned to the right of the previous one VerticalLayout Arranges children in a column Each child is positioned below the previous one TileLayout Arranges children in new rows and columns as necessary […]
Group Simplest type of container To contain children No visual appearance on its own SkinnableContainer Performs all same functionality as Group Able to define visual appearance on screen BorderContainer Type of SkinnableContainer To surround children of a container with a Border Panel Type of SkinnableContainer Surround children with Border Can have Header Have Control area […]