Is Your Powerpoint Presentation “Too Much”?

Recently I read on this article about “How to Make a Powerpoint Presentation Chart, and came to realize that we have been concentrating too much on giving information during our presentations, but fail to realize that most of which are irrelevant and unnecessary data.

It seems pretty much like driving around the whole neighborhood for an hour, when you can get back to home with a 10 minutes walk, or probably having a 30 pages report which in actual fact can be bring down to a 5 pages simple to understand report. And it totals up to get to a point that, we are giving too much redundant information.

Business presentations are only for a simple reason of proposing your solutions to address a problem or an issue that the client, or department or whoever being presented, to require to know about. A failure to present specific points and relevant points, and conveying the message of the proposed solutions, is in fact a presentation failure.


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