What is cooking, Seth? Ready For Meatball Sundae Feast

Meatball sundae. This is going to be the new marketing book that is up on shelf. It definitely put me on a temptation struggle to get this new book. But it sounds pretty interesting. Why would I say that?

Seth’s theory in making a meatball sundae is the unfortunate result of mixing two good ideas. The meatball and sundae toppings are great nice stuff by itself, but once mixed, create a different unlikeable result.

He explained that:

the meatballs are the foundation, the things we need (and sometimes want). These are the commodities that so many businesses are built on. While the sundae toppings (hot fudge and the like) are the New Marketing, the social networks, Google, blogs and fancy stuff that make people all excited.

The challenge most organizations face: they try to mix them. They attempt to slap new marketing onto old and end up with nothing but a failed website.

This book explores the 14 trends that are changing our world and how organizations can either embrace them or be punished by them.

Well, embracing technology or fancy stuff or even funky ideas may not be possibly be a bad thing for companies, but how they cook the meatball and make the sundae toppings to blend into a nice and wonderful favor, is a BIG challenge to any and every company.

The ingredients used, the way to cook it, the toppings used to, each and every one is going to affect the taste of the meatball sundae. Putting this into business terms, the channel of marketing and advertising the website, the methods used to drive massive traffic, the way the ideas presented, the company’s readiness to face the online market, the penetration¬† and perception of online customers, etc will all be accountable for the success of the website.

I am sure there are definitely methods and ways to create a nice meatball sundae. I believe that there is no such thing as impossible, it is only we think it as impossible; we are limited by the way we see things, within our limited scope of view.

The first example that comes to my mind is Starbucks. Look at how they are able to use a different way to present the idea of drinking coffee. In Asia, we have a lot of traditional coffee drinking houses, but Starbucks changes the idea and perception of coffee drinking, with new technology, new perception, and new way of service. A total different dimension of packaging and marketing.

If you have ever been to Starbucks website, you will notice how interesting their website has become, from the initial informative and reactive website, it has slowly transformed into a proactive website and setup subscription management program of Starbucks at home.

Now, think about this if Starbucks were to position themselves differently to start selling order online and deliver coffee to your doorstep, what would the world become? Will the company be able to cope with the change? Will the current pricing be able to cope with the change? Will the consumers be able to cope with the change?

Embracing new technology or idea, or making a meatball sundae in business is not a bad point, but however how to streamline, fine tune or improvise to make it fit the company positioning is the crucial element.

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